Hi and welcome to MY GREAT WORLD! This blog is about subjects which are close to my heart like MUSIC, JEWELRY, PHOTOGRAPHY, TRAVELING and BEAUTY. I realize these are a lot of topics to write about, but I simply can’t choose what I like most, so I decided to combine them altogether in one blog and this way I’m creating MY own GREAT WORLD. I’m a dreamer and most times I’m quiet and introvert, but with this blog I found a way to express myself some more about my passions in life…

My love for POP MUSIC started at an early age, because I enjoyed the records my parents used to play. I don’t play any instruments myself, but I have a good musical ear and I know a lot about it. I love going to live concerts and festivals and I do this a much as possible. A great song can instantly change my mood from sad to very happy. I make sure MUSIC is always around me and I just can’t live without it. I like to write background stories about my favorite artists and music styles, but also about MUSIC that is “hot and happening”.

When I was much younger and I was still deciding what I would do when I was grown up, I thought of becoming a goldsmith as a profession. I found myself being creative and at that time I already felt very much attracted to beautiful JEWELRY. Unfortunately this never happened. In 2010, I have considered to retrain myself to the profession of goldsmith, but given the investment I had to do to become really good and the fact that it would take too much time to get a routine and make a living out, I decided not to proceed with this. However, I strongly felt that I needed to do something with this urge. Therefore I started a class with a Master Goldsmith, and I follow her classes for almost 5 years now with great pleasure. In the meantime I can say that it is very satisfying for me to work on beautiful pieces in a non-professional way. I create what I like to create and I have learned to be much more patient, since making nice jewelry is a lot of work and it is very time consuming. I also learned to be more persistent in general, since I always want to finish what I started. In my blog I want to show the projects I’m working on and I also would like to show beautiful JEWELRY pieces and write about famous and great jewelry designers.

I have always been taking a lot of pictures during our family holidays and portraits of my love ones and I’m very attached to my photo collection. Recently I came to the point where I felt that the quality of my pictures needed some improvement, so that’s why I decided to buy a good camera. Having a great camera however, does not mean you automatically make good pictures. Therefore I started to learn more about PHOTOGRAPHY and to develop myself in this amazing subject.  Portrait photography is my favorite form of photography. I absolutely adore great, strong portraits (preferably in black and white) in which the best features of the portrayed person is reflected. Several great photographers are an inspiration to me and I would love writing about them and their work.

I hardly don’t know anybody who doesn’t like traveling and for me this is not any different. I was lucky to TRAVEL to some great places in the world, like New Zealand, several Caribbean Islands, The USA, The Seychelles and much European Countries. Up till now, my absolute favorite countries are New Zealand with the Maori culture and Norway. I write about my own TRAVEL experiences, with real “must sees”!

BEAUTY is a wide concept and I think as human beings we will always strive for perfection as much as possible, as this is in our DNA and it is a survival mechanism. I enjoy BEAUTY in all it’s forms and ways and it’s also within in the imperfection where the BEAUTY often lies, as perfection can get boring and it is not sustainable in the long run. In this blog I’ll express the way I see BEAUTY, so this means I like to write about topics like beautiful people, art, architecture, interiors and beauty products!





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