Songs That Make Me Cry!

When I hear beautiful music I like, it can really touch me and bring tears to my eyes. Through the years there have been many of those songs for me and I decided to make a list of favorite “Songs That Make Me Cry“. Some of the songs have been released as singles and have become hits and others are album tracks. Some are old(er) and some are new(er). So here are my favorites, in random order counting from number 6, as it’s a matter of “killing my darlings” and they are all close to my heart….

1.Paolo Nutini – Iron Sky – Caustic Love (2014)

My absolute number one from my favorite singer/songwriter Paolo Nutini is Iron Sky. I only heard the first notes of the song and it got me emotional. The song is written by Paolo Nutini and his longtime Viper’s band member, Dave Nelson. According to Paolo, “Iron Sky” is not specifically about war or political conflicts as how the song is interpreted often since the “Charlie Hebdo attacks”, but more about the technical revolution like machines taking over the work from people as machines are much quicker, more efficient and cheaper for companies who are already making lot’s of money. As an example he mentions cashiers in supermarkets who are replaced by self scan check outs and he clearly does not like this. With “Iron Sky”, Paolo wanted to bring a certain awareness about what’s going on in the world in regards to this subject. The song contains the famous and impressive speech from Charlie Chaplin’s Great Dictator (1940).

2. Phil Collins – Don’t let him steal your hart away – Hello I must be going (1982)

“Don’t let him steal your heart away” is about a man who has neglected his partner and he is telling her to not be fooled by her new partner. The pretense of caring about her turns out selfishness: Don’t kick me out because he will dump you anyway. The song is most probably autobiographical since Phil Collins was going to a difficult divorce some while before the album “Hello I must be going” was released. The string arrangements turn this song into a classic Collins ballad. For me it’s an emotional and beautiful song and I absolutely symphatise with Phil Collins here.

3. Todd Rundgren – Hello it’s me – Something/Anything? (1972)

Todd Rundgren is an American multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and record producer. “Hello It’s Me” was the first original song by Todd Rundgren. It was first recorded in 1968 by Rundgren’s band Nazz and Rundgren recorded an uptempo version of Hello It’s Me on his 1972 solo album Something/Anything?. Although a remake of the original, this new version became widely popular. An edit of this version was released as a single in 1973 and became Rundgren’s only major pop hit, reaching #5 on the Billboard Hot 100. Just love it!

4. Steve Hacket, feat.Randy Crawford – Hoping Love will Last –  Please don’t Touch (1977)

Beautiful song by former Genesis guitar player Steve Hackett. The song is from his second album “Please Don’t Touch” after he had left Genesis. It has a heavy R&B/soul influence but with some classical style guitar parts as well as atmospheric sections featuring synthesizers. The beautiful of voice of soul singer Randy Crawford has made this song very warm, emotional and special for me.!-mw0000191888

5. Tears for Fears – feat. Oleta Adams – Me and My Big Ideas – Raoul and the Kings of Spain (1995)

This song comes from the 5th Tears for Fears album and it’s written by Roland Orzabal and Alan Griffith. Just like the previous album Elemental (1993), Raoul and the Kings of Spain is basically a “Tears for Fears solo album” from Roland Orzabal still using the band name, while Curt Smith had left the band in 1991 due to a conflict of interests. The album has a recurring theme of familial relationships and delves into Roland Orzabal’s own Spanish heritage. Raoul and the Kings of Spain was not a commercial success by Tears for Fears standards, but for me,”Me and My Big Ideas with the beautiful voice of Oleta Adams, is an underrated song and a real “hidden gem” that can always bring tears to me eyes when I hear it… Below the song text and some ideas about the meaning of the song.

6. Ilse de Lange – I need for you – Eye of the Hurricane (2012)

7. Eric Clapton (Derek and the Dominos) – Bell Botom Blues – Layla and other assorted love songs (1970)

8. The Beach boys – God only knows – Pet Sounds (1966)

9. Toploader – Achilles Heel – Onka’s big Moka (1999)

10. Steve Hacket, feat. Richie Havens – Icarus Ascending – Please don’t Touch (1977)

11. Thomas Dybdahl – But we did – What’s left is forever (2013)

12. Coldplay – Oceans – Ghost stories (2014)

13. Massive Attack – Protection – Protection (1994)

14. Sade – Pearls – Love Deluxe (1992)

15. Perfect – Laura Jansen – Bells (2009)

16. Sara Bareilles – Gravity – Careful Confessions (2004)

17. Maria Mena – Never Mind me – Apparently Unaffected (2005)

18. Athlete – Wires – Tourist (2005)

19. Robbie Williams – Eternity – Swing when you’re winning (2001)

20. Hall & Oates – She’s Gone – Abandoned Luncheonette (1973)

21. Carol King – It’s too Late – Tapestry (1971)

22. Style Council – Waiting – The Cost of Loving (1987)

23. Genesis – Many too many?Undertow – And then there were three (1978)

24. Natascha Bedingfield – I bruise easily – Unwritten (2004)

25. David Gilmour – So far away – David Gilmour (1978)

26. Roxy Music – Everything to turn you on – Avalon (1982)

27. The Tubes – I don’t want to wait anymore – The Completion Backward principle (1981)

28. George Michael – Cowboys and Angels – Listen without prejudice volume 1 (1990)

29. Judie Tzuke – Stay with me till dawn – Welcome to the Cruise (1979)

30. Tori Amos- Silent all these years – Little Earthquakes (1991)

31. Eagles – I can’t tell you why – The Long Run (1979)

32. Chris Rea – Shamrock Diaries – Shamrock Diaries (1985)

33. Paul Carrack – Dedicated – Groove Approved – (1989)

34. Amanda Marshall – Beautiful Goodbye – Amanda Marshall (1995)

35. Alan Parson’s Project – Some other Place – I Robot (1977)

36. Journey – Loved by You – Arrival (2001)






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